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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Haven't updated this for a while, I'm going to try and update it regularly from now on, since I have alot of content to put up! Heres a slideshow I did for a fundraiser a month ago, showing some of the different contests I shoot every year, along with some older images.

Mike Reid Photo from Mike Reid on Vimeo.

Mike Reid.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

lost images

A few shots from the summer I forgot about

Monday, December 22, 2008


The year is winding down, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite images I have taken in the past year.

















Mike Reid.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This past monday I shot my friends party they host every month called GROUP HUG. Here are a few shots...

Mike Reid.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Decided to swtich it up, and get someone who's behind the lens for once, and who better than Derek Dix?

Age: 21 as of Dec 6
Height: 6' ish
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Years shooting: 6

Hey Dude, interview time, lets do it!
gangsta alright

First off do you remember what camera you first shot with? Also whats in your bag nowadays?

Ya, it was an old Pentax ME super. I wish I knew where that thing was still so I could use it. Right Now I have...
Canon 20D
70-200 f/2.8
11-16 f/2.8
18-125 f/3.5-5.6
Bronica SQ-A w/ 80mm f/2.8, 3 Sunpak 555's and PDubs and Brollies

awesome, I shot with a pentax too, Pentax MZ10 hhaha garbaaage

so hows the whole "art school" thing treating you? I get the term art fag alot, anyone calling you that out in Calgary?

hahahaha Not really, you're the only one thats thrown that my way, theres been a few jokes about me switching up the wardrobe to skinny jeans and deep v's though... Which wont happen haha

haha. Skinny jeans are a thing to have when attending art school

I picked up some straigh legs but dont think I'm gonna get skinny jeans. Kinda over the fresh dress thing though.

Besides the jeans, and the jokes, is ACAD a great school? I've heard really good things, especially the photo program which you are attending

Ya ACAD is super solid, most of the kids there are pretty cool too, theres a few that are a bit suspect but thats art school haha. Theres sort of a rift between the fine arts and design departments at the school. Design and Photo are super structured and intense, I don't even get to pick my courses for the rest of my degree. It's crazy too that I'm with the same 18 people until I'm done.

...I just hope we don't all grad with all our work looking the same after 3 years together

Thats sounds awesome man, alot different than the program I'm taking

So enough school bullshit, how the girls in Calgary? haha im just kidding.. the MTB scene in Calgary... any good? shooting much of it? or just the funny buisness portraits that I've been seeing.

Hahaha girls here are... um... no but for real its hard to shoot MTB here, I managed to dangle a good amount of stuff in the fall which was really nice but once it starts raining the mud gets too tacky to ride jumps and then snow comes. I did shoot this wallride on Friday night though which was super fun. Other than that though I do find myself doing alot more lifestyle and snowboard stuff.

yeah understandable... everyone I've talked to are loving the lifestyle images, there FRESH

You have any summer shooting plans once schools ended for 2009?

I'm inbetween if I want to move back up to Whistler and do the same thing I did last summer, which no doubt was unreal or if I want to move back in with my parents, either has it's ups and downs but no doubt my mom and dad are hilarious and I'm starting to miss them after not really living at home for the last 2 years. Either way though I want to get mad amounts of digging done to have some original nugs to shoot, I used to be way more about building than I have been in the last few years

yeah dude for sure, parents are awesome, I miss mine alot as well
hahah I sounds like im 12 for saying that, I hope I dont get called out. I just miss the whole family scene.

You did used to be all about the digging, back in the day with your trail that a million people poatched, overflow, that trail was sick!

hahah I actually hiked it and shot on it last time I was in Vancouver

Really? What kind of shape was it in?

All the wood work is pretty much done, theres fallen trees everywhere too. It would be cool to rebuild but that took me, connor, ash and sandy so many hours to put together the forsest should probably just reclaim it.

For sure, thats to bad... it was so gnarly back in the day

ya haha I think we had the first gap to ladder bridge on it after hearing about diggers gap to logride that Thomas did
Yeah I think you're right

Is there any photographers out there, you try and base your own work off of?

Ya latley I've been really digging Terry Richardson just because he's blowing up HUGE, even though he was already pretty famous. Julian Meijer has some solid stuff too that I've seen. I've always been stoked on Estevan Oriol and Boogie for their stuff. In the sports world I've gotta shout out to Harookz, Sterling, Hylands... and probably the whole WAW community.

All those guys are what originally got me into shooting.

yeah WAW was a big reason I got so stoked on shooting sports, just a bunch of rad guys
Ya, hands down the best resource for kids that want to get into the whole action sports photo scene.

yeah no dout, Brian and the guys are killing it

So uhh Mr dix what is you take on the current economic crisis?

Pretty much the economy is in the hole, there's no way around it. Basically Danny Brody may or may not be fucked, but I guess thats why he had to spring for a Cali trip for a breather. But lets get down to brass tax the way I see it everyone is skiming with money beucase of this but the only way to fix it is to be spending money that isnt on credit or loan. What I'm saying is people should spend some cash on some nice things like expensive denims or art.

okay haha this is getting long, and I never know how to end these so good luck on your exams dude! Keep killin it! ill cya over christmas

Ya we should for sure tear it up over christmas.

100% getting rowdy... Later man!

You can check out Derek's work at http://www.derekdixphoto.com

Mike Reid.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm going to try and do this sort of thing pretty often on my site so I thought I would start things off with my Mountain Bike friend Eric Lawrenuk from North Vancouver. Here it is MSN Interview #1

Yo Lorny!
Hey Dude, hows it goin?

Good man, Hey you want to do a msn convo interview for my site?
haha sure man!

OK sweet! First off what's your age?
18, wait i turned 19 yesterday haha.

haha your losing it! How long have you been mountain biking for?
since i've been like 12?

who are some "bros" you ride with a lot?
ross measures, graham aggasiz kurt sorge geoff gulevich jordie lunn

Ross is pretty frickin tall eh, how big you think he is?
like 10 feet lol

you been filming at all?
not really. more photo shoots goin on. i dont really have anyone to film with!

Besides me, who are your favourite photg's?
harookz and hylands!

Since the weather sucks, are you planning any awesome roadtrips this winter?
hell yea. we are all going to cali in january

Do you prefer to ride big mtn/DH stuff or smaller bike stuff like jumping, park etc..
im all about jumpin, but i love mtn shredding too I dunno everything is sick

have any local riding spots you ride daily?
always shredding the bjs

i bet you love them BJ's... haha do you have a fav trick Eric?
i really like to spin or tailwhips, I always try to do them on stupid small things haha

yeah I've seen your spins, I must say there sick!
course you have ur the man behind the camera!

any new up and commers that are shredding out in North Van these days?
in northvan, gunth and webby are little shredders

yeah gunth and webby are killin it.

Your thoughts on tight pants?
i love em haha, but they cant be stupid tight. if a girl looks good in em, guys dont

claw wouldn't be to happy!

hahaha oh claw

So last year you rode for Cove Bikes, and Sombrio, whats your deal this year? still the same?
not sure about wat bikes im going to be riding next year but i'm doing sombrio, and smith, and there are still some other things in the works hopefully

Sounds awesome Eric!
yea i'm stoked!

You going to be riding in any contests for 09?
yea i'm doing tons! nissan quashqui challenge, jordies jump jam, crankworx colorado, teva mtn games, and basically every other comp that comes up i will be there hopefully

Thats awesome man! well I dont really have anything more to ask you, good luck in 2009 dude!
sick thanx man!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thanks for checking out my online blog. You can find my latest photos, stories, and what not on here. Keep checking back for weekly updates, thanks

Heres a shot to start things out. Cam Mccaul handplant, cross processed 400 velvia

Mike Reid.